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New Long A semidwarf, early cycle variety.
Interesting resistance to salinity and water stress.
Ideal crystalline grain from parboiled, semidwarf plant.

  • Plant Height: 90 cm
  • Vegetative cycle: 140 days
  • Pyricularia resistance: Good
  • Helmintosporium reistance: Good
  • Lodging resistance: High
  • Tillering ability: Good
  • Plant senecence: Low
  • Production: High
  • Seed Hectare dose: 180/200 Kg
  • Grain type: 6.3 x 2.6 mm
  • Amylose: low

Technical Advice:

  • LA cristallyne semidwarf variety, suitable to parboiled process
  • Disease and lodging resistance
  • To be sown within the end of May
  • Fungicide treatment advice