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Variety long b early cycle

  • Plant height: 92 cm.
  • Vegetative cycle: 140 days
  • Resistance to Pyricularia: High
  • Resistance to Helminthosporium: High
  • Lodging resistance: High
  • Cold tolerance: High
  • Branching capacity: High
  • Plant senescence: Slow
  • Production: High
  • Seed rate per ha.: 180/200 kg.
  • Grain size: 7 x 2 mm.
  • Amelosy: High

Technical Advice:

  • New addition in the field of the traditional Long B for precocity, resistance to diseases and cold
  • Featuring high production capacity
  • Though belonging to the variety Long B, it features a high level adaptability, comparable to variety Japonica
  • Fungicide treatment recommended, in case of highly favourable environmental conditions for the spreading of Pyricularia