Our rice is the result of a constant and dedicated research with the aim to produce high-quality varieties.

Everything begins with articulated breeding programs which are developed in varietal crossing trials using enhancing parentals to meet the goals of the research. Hereafter the new lines are analysed in our Research Centre and selected to obtain high production rates, and submitted to screening to measure the disease resistance. To meet the needs of farmers, we work to enhance the vegetative cycle selecting precocious cycle varieties suitable for delayed sowing and for the fight against red rice.

Moreover our research includes the functional and nutritional characteristics of the rice grain through the development of black and red pericarp varieties, measured and selected according to the ORAC test. The test measures the antioxidant capacity in biological samples in vitro. Our research aims to obtain the highest antioxidant potential: for this reason we pay great attention to the polyphenol pigments through periodic nutritional analysis in accredited laboratories accompanying the selection of new varietals.